Devices for new Moderus Beta MF28AC trams

Enika has started deliveries of equipment for the new Moderus Beta MF28AC trams.
The scope of supply of the ENI-ZNAP/MF28 drive system and power supply includes the following devices:

  • ENI-FT600/4/MF20.1 inverter
  • ENI-PT600/24/AC/MF20.1 roof static converter
  • Roof brake resistor RB.2x275kW.2x2R
  • A-section apparatus box – ENI-SKA(A)/MF28
  • Device box of B – ENI-SKA(B)/MF28
  • Battery current converters
  • ENI-SNT/MF28 tram driver board
  • 10.4” TFT touch panel (capacitive) ENI-PO1024/768/2
  • ENI-SWN/MF20 quick breaker box

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