Drive system for Autosan Sancity 12LFE electric buses

Enika delivered complete drive systems for Autosan Sancity 12 LFE low-floor electric buses.
The scope of work included the delivery of:

  • Drive system consisting of a motor and a liquid-cooled traction inverter together with auxiliary equipment securing their work
  • ENI-SN/K2/A drive box
  • ENI-AKU24/SENSOR board battery current sensor
  • ENI-VCCU SWITCH.2 communication supervisory system
  • ENI-LSE400/ONB/A traction battery charger

Electric buses are already in operation. To get there from the factory, the vehicles traveled almost 400 kilometers on a single charge, without refilling the energy storage. The trip was a great test for the drive system designed by Enika specialists. Our product is characterized by very high energy efficiency, which allowed the buses to easily overcome the difficult route.

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