Article: Solutions for electric trucks

We invite you to read the article by Arkadiusz Józwiak – Project Manager at Enika Sp. z o. o. The article presents solutions for trucks based on the completed project for the Danish company – Banke.

The technological progress of the last 30 years (probably the greatest in the history of mankind) has led to significant changes in the ecosystem of the entire planet. We are all obliged to reduce the negative impact of humanity on the environment, so when we were given the opportunity to cooperate in the electric truck project, we gladly undertook this task as a company and individually as people from the generation that can “have an impact”.

Living in big cities has many advantages, but unfortunately also many disadvantages. One of them is noise and air pollution from exhaust fumes. The authorities of many European metropolises are introducing newer and newer restrictions for vehicles that can move around the very centers of cities, and yet municipal and delivery vehicles are an inseparable element of the urban landscape. In 2016, the Danish company BANKE (together with its subsidiaries) decided to build an electric truck, inviting ENIKA to cooperate. The project started in early 2017. The task was to develop a universal base for a large truck (28 tons), which would be able to perform various functions, depending on the body. As a prototype, it was decided that a garbage truck would be built.

More about the project in the article.

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