Article: Diesel Locomotive Retrofitting System – product description

We invite you to read the article by Marcin Drozd – Project Manager at Enika Sp. z o. o. The article presents a modernization system for diesel locomotives.

Despite the generally progressing electrification of railways, there are still many lines on which only diesel locomotives can move. In addition, machines of this type remain the most popular shunting locomotives. Most of the diesel locomotives in Poland are long past their heyday, and what’s more, they do not meet the new stringent emission standards.

The response to the needs of the market is the modernization of worn-out locomotives, consisting primarily in replacing the old type engine with a new diesel engine that meets the latest emission standards. Such a change entails the need to replace subsequent components – primarily the main and auxiliary generators, which together with the internal combustion engine form a power generator. Smaller elements of the locomotive’s equipment are also replaced, starting from the locomotive’s main controller, through rectifiers and inverters supplying auxiliary devices, and ending with new cabin consoles. Of course, modernization also means refreshing the appearance of the locomotive, new painting, and sometimes modifying the body.

More about the project in the article.

Marcin Drozd
Project Manager / Specialist Constructor


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