Article: Equipment from Enika – improved functionality and riding comfort in retrofitted NF6D and 116Nd tram cars

For nearly 30 years, Enika has been supplying complete electrical and power electronic equipment for new and modernized trams of various manufacturers. Thanks to the wide competence and vast experience, the company offers high-quality devices and the possibility of full integration of all components on the vehicle, in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Reliable and trouble-free devices for public urban transport – including tram rolling stock – are a guarantee of safety, comfort of tram drivers and drivers and satisfaction of passengers using public transport. Thanks to the use of advanced systems, their service life is extended, and thus the service life of the vehicles themselves. Modern rail vehicle drives provided by Enika are not only systems that make the tram move, but also advanced, detailed systems that also affect safety, economy and travel comfort.

In 2021, Enika participated in the modernization project of the 116Nd trams, commonly known as “Karlik”, operated by Tramwaje Śląskie and the NF6D trams operated by MPK Łódź.

More about the project in the article.

Text and materials: Enika Sp. z o. o.

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